On-Site Gentlemen's Club Consulting

On-Site Consulting

We can help sort things out whether it be the recruitment of talent, marketing, club design, stage and seating allocation, speaker placements ... literally we can consult you on any club related issue you can come up with.

But once we're on sight, chances are we'll find many more points to bring to your attention ... all of which will add to your bottom line ... and lower your stress level.

  • Do certain areas of your club get so congested that people can't move around your room freely?
  • Do you realize what that does to your revenue?
  • Do you feel your room flows as well as it can?
  • Can your patrons get to your bars easily and receive prompt service?
  • Do you know the difference between low and high seating?
  • Is your stage in the right place, and the correct size and height for your application?
  • Is your dance floor in the right place? Is it the right size? Does it have the right feel?
  • No matter what you've tried, can you still not get the right "look" in your room? Should you remodel?

We can be a "second opinion" on an existing, full scale project. Or, we can help you make some design changes to your current operation. Over the years we've developed many techniques to maximize space, flow and sales in clubs. That is a specialty for us. It's amazing that sometimes what we don't know costs us lot's of money.

  • Do you have written policies and procedures? If not, do you know where to begin?
  • Do you have a training program for your employees?
  • Can you easily and readily communicate with your staff, and can they easily communicate with you?
  • Is your staff stealing from you? Can you prove it?
  • Do you have solid accounting procedures in effect?
  • Is your club always dirty and despite great efforts never gets clean?
  • Do you have security concerns for your management, staff or your patrons?
  • Is your staff really interested in your guest's experience?
  • Is everybody focused on the same objective?
  • Is your staff unified and sharp like a laser beam or they more like a common 60 watt light bulb?

Everything has to be refocused occasionally. Re-focusing your team now will immediately impact your bottom line. There is no simple answer to people problems. We will watch, listen, and make recommendations in every area that we find a weakness. Or, if you like, we'll help you focus on a specific area. Either way we'll help you pull things together quickly.

  • Do you have a problem with your landlord and need advice on possible courses of action?
  • Are you thinking of using a liquor control system? Do you know how much will it cost or how much it will save you in retail dollars? Can you afford a liquor control system? Or, can you afford to not purchase one?
  • Do you need some help with your accounting and banking procedures?
  • Are your cash register / POS system properly configured to maximize your revenue and inventory controls?
  • Are your price points correct for your venue and market?
  • What financing options are right for you?

Most of these answers come from the school of hard knocks. We'll be happy to discuss any of these issues and help you avoid the learning curve and/or lost dollars. Time is money. The faster you get a hold of each of your business issues, the more money you'll have at the end of the day! Integrity could possibly help you uncover money in your business that you never knew you had?

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Our mission is to provide club executives with the latest tools and technologies to increase revenue, while teaching traditional methods of hospitality and guest service that will generate a loyal and valuable clientele to increase profits and protect investments.

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