Meet Our Team

David Boehm is the executive director of Club Consultant Pro, LLC. He has over 30 years of experience in the nightclub, bar, hotel and gentlemen’s club industry and is famous for turning profits in hundreds of gentlemen’s clubs from coast to coast and around the world.

He has held every position within the adult nightclub industry, from DJ to Gentlemen’s Club Owner. He brings his experience in every aspect of club management, from entertainment and personnel to kitchen and bar, to marketing and promotions.

He measures success by increased revenue, increased ROI, a better working environment and more fun at your club!

Abbe Lynn Vogel is a former "Feature Entertainer" who has traveled throughout the United States and Canada, appearing as a headliner in dozens of Gentleman's clubs, bringing her professional high energy shows, high energy music, and costumes to die for to each and every stage across the states in just about every major city you can think of. Abbe Lynn was a veteran in the adult entertainment business, with over 20 years of experience. She has graced the pages of Playboy and Penthouse, having the honor of working with Playboy for 5 years and appearing in 11 various Playboy magazines, along with two publications in Penthouse, including Penthouse Australia.

Abbe Lynn works directly with the entertainers, house moms, floor hosts and managers to induce an even flow of hospitality throughout the entertainment venue. Her impeccable respect for others and uncanny knowledge of the industry makes her the perfect choice to precipitate the "Wow Factor" for any Gentleman's club. .

Jason Frahm has over 15 years experience designing compelling print work and digital marketing materials for a wide variety of clients, ranging from major corporations to restaurants, bars, nightclubs and, most importantly, gentlemen's clubs. His designs are geared towards eliciting a desired response from a company's target market.

Anyone can create a flier, poster, or website, but the designs that Jason creates will fill seats in your venue and consistently increases your profits. From inception to completion, he will work with you to insure that your club gets the attention it deserves.

About Club Consultant Pro 2.0

About Us

Our mission is to provide club executives with the latest tools and technologies to increase revenue, while teaching traditional methods of hospitality and guest service that will generate a loyal and valuable clientele to increase profits and protect investments.

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