Old School vs New School Workshop

David Boehm speaking about the differences between old school and new school gentlemen's clubs.

I started in this business in 1979 as a barback in a club in upstate New York. I was brought up old school, and I believe that some old school philosophies still work. A mentor of mine is Michael J. Peter. Michael taught me the style of old-school operation, which is, it’s not the “customer”; it is the “guest.” We all need to take the word “customer” and stop using it. We need to treat these people as guests, and you need get your staff on board with that as well as your entertainers.

5 More Tips for a Successful Club

5 tips for a successful nightclub

As someone who’s been in the business for over 30 years, the one thing that I see clubs losing at a record pace is the “wow” factor and the ability to create a great first impression. When I first began working in the wonderful world of adult nightclubs, it was all about hospitality. That’s what brought back your “guests” on a daily and weekly basis.
But now, however, the seemingly simple things like “thank you!” and ”you’re welcome” have been lost. Remember when entertainers wore gowns and/or dresses?


10 Tips for a Successful Club

1. Make sure your DJ is playing to the room, not just the entertainers.

2. Never refer to your girls as dancers or strippers. They are always entertainers.

3. Never refer to your “GUESTS” as customers. They are, and always will be your “GUESTS.”

4. A guests' first and last impressions are always the most important. Make them memorable.

5. What makes you better than the club down the street? Always stay a step ahead.

6. Your guests come to your club as a break from reality. Don’t let them feel hustled by your staff or entertainers.


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