The Lost Art of Seduction & Hospitality

Has your club lost the art of seduction?

HOSPITALITY! That’s what brought back your “guests” on a daily/weekly basis.

Little things like “thank you!” and “you’re welcome!” have been lost. Remember when entertainers wore gowns and/or dresses? Where did the fantasy go?  I’m not saying all clubs are the same, but all entertainers, bartenders and waitresses need to be reading from the same playbook!

To return to the retro success of the cash friendlier days, there are many ideas to revisit.  The upscale factor!  For example: NO HARD SELL!!  Read the guest.  Some want VIP treatment and others want to explore and learn at their own pace.  You want your staff to learn and have conversations in place for both styles of guests.


Today it seems to be all about the $$$. We in the business have really lost the “Art of Seduction ’. In these trying times, it’s a MUST that you (the club) bring it back!

They are not CUSTOMERS. They are and will always be, GUESTS. TREAT THEM AS SUCH!!

This is why we formed Club Consultant Pro 2.0.  We create the best practice standard for the entertainers, bartenders, waitresses and floor hosts by creating simple check lists and questions to ask the guests, coupled with active listening skills.  Trust me!  The art of conversation is a MUST and the guest will come back for more!

They say that the first and last impressions are the most important. 

That’s true! But let’s not forget everything in between!  Time to bring back the “wow” factor in your club!

Revamp your thoughts on events and special promotions.  Again, this is an area where old school still rules!  Quick and simple thoughts can yield large results!  Why are there FREE ADMISSIONS and FREE COCKTAILS?  Don’t you want guests that have money to spend and not walk in the door looking for a bargain?  Nobody wins in that scenario!  BE CREATIVE with ingenious promotions that offer excitement and intrigue!
I truly love the Hospitality business and always will! 

Let’s face it, “Nobody knows it all!”, and you will never stop learning the nightclub business. But getting excited about your club again, will make it easier to get over the hurdles, and back on the track to business success.   

-David Boehm, Executive Director - Club Consultant Pro 2.0

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