5 More Tips for a Successful Club

5 tips for a successful nightclub

As someone who’s been in the business for over 30 years, the one thing that I see clubs losing at a record pace is the “wow” factor and the ability to create a great first impression. When I first began working in the wonderful world of adult nightclubs, it was all about hospitality. That’s what brought back your “guests” on a daily and weekly basis.
But now, however, the seemingly simple things like “thank you!” and ”you’re welcome” have been lost. Remember when entertainers wore gowns and/or dresses? Where did all entertainers, bartenders, waitresses and DJs need to be reading form the same playbook.
To return to the retro success of the cash-friendlier days, there are many proven strategies to revisit. Here are five to get you started.

No, I’m not talking about Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor”. I’m referring to the upscale factor; that is, the  strategies your staff can implement to create an upscale environment in your club, no matter how big or small it is.
For example, talk your entertainers about the importance of “reading” the guest. Some guys want VIP treatment, while others want to explore and learn at their own pace. You want your staff to learn and have conversations in place for both styles of guests – but first, they have to know how to recognize the difference between the two.
Also, a drink says a lot about a man, as does his choice of seating in your club. Communicating with the entertainers about these key elements may be the difference between a make or break night.

Today, it seems to be all about the money. Many of those currently working in the business-especially the entertainers-have really lost the art of seduction. In these trying times, it’s a must that you, the club operator, encourage your entertainers to understand the art of seduction and bring it back to your club.
There’s nothing worse than walking into a club and seeing an entertainer on her cell phone, chewing gum or smoking and sitting around with her girlfriends (the other entertainers). They need to engage in the art of conversation with the guests instead of waiting for the money to simply drop into their laps. Trust me-understanding the art of conversation is a must and the guest will come back for more.
 Your floor hosts should also be working hand in hand with the entertainers. They need to play the part of a matchmaker, in a sense, and have the ability to know which entertainer will fit best with which type of customer.

It’s time to revamp your thoughts on events and special promotions. Again, this is an area where old school still rules. Quick and simple thoughts can yield large results.
For example, do your club promotions only consist of free admissions and free cocktails? Why? Don’t you want guests that have money to spend, rather than those who’ll walk in the door looking for a bargain? Nobody wins in that scenario. Be creative with ingenious promotions that offer excitement and intrigue!

Social media can play a huge part in your club’s promotions. Stop wasting money on traditional marketing like billboards and bus stops. People are too busy using their Blackberry’s and iPhones to even look up to see an add!
Your entertainers and club staff should also be more involved with getting the word out by utilizing come-see-me cards, texting, etc. You, the owner, have spent millions on your club. You’ve made it possible for the entertainers and your staff to make good money in a beautiful environment. Isn’t it time for them to return the favor by doing what they can to promote your club?

Be aware of your calendar year - i.e., what’s coming up in your city. Is their a boat show or car show? A major sporting event or concert? A convention? You need to be aware of major events coming to your city months in advance, so that you can take advantage of every promotional opportunity that these events present to you and your club. You need your entertainment staff promoting your club at all these events.

- David Boehm, Executive Director - Club Consultant Pro 2.0


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