Are you ready for consulting?

Is your "Stress-to-money" ratio out of whack?

Is your stress level too high for the money you're making? You won't find a book or website that can answer this question. Our unique blend of experience and expertise can help you find YOUR solution. Club Consultant Pro 2.0 is an off-site / on-sight consulting and troubleshooting company which works as your "special operations" unit to isolate and solve your problems quickly and concisely. Our unique combination of talents is not available anywhere else in the strip club, bar and entertainment world.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

1. Do you have a full strip club on the weekends and wonder why you can't pay the bills on Tuesday afternoon? Do you charge the correct prices for your format in your market? Do you want a perfect strip club or a profitable strip club? Is your accounting really what you need to run a successful company? What's the best way to invest available funds to make you money?

2. Is the correct music played by your DJ's and your bands? Is your music at the optimum volume level for your customer's experience ... and your neighbors'? Do you control your bands or do they control you? Is your sound and light gear too much or too little for your club? Does it make you money the way it should?

3. Do you need confidential advice to assist you with a problem? Do you need a little "push" to help turn your club around? Do you have a "creative block" and need some friendly, impartial, directional advice?

4. Do you have a staff that's eager to come to work? Do you constantly have security problems in your strip club?

5. Does your room flow properly through all areas of your strip club? Do you have enough stations to maximize your room’s revenue potential? Should you re-model or expand? Buy something new?

6. Are you spending your advertising dollars correctly? Do you feel you have proper control over your entertainment, or does your entertainment control you?

7. Do your entertainers have the correct attitude for the ownership's success ?

8. Does the DJ play the right music for your club, or do they play what they want to play?

9. Are they musically able and have all the characteristics to perform the right music for your club?

10. Is live entertainment really what you need more of?

11. Have you thought of other entertainment options and how it would relate to your entire operation?

12. Are your entertainment pay scales in line for your area and your venue?

13. Is anyone on your production staff telling you that you need to buy different sound or light equipment for your club?

14. Do they have your best interest in mind, or do they want you to fund their hobby?

15. Does your DJ have the appropriate attitude, play the right music, talk too much or too little?

16. Do the girls appearance blend well with the club atmosphere, or do they work against each other?

About Club Consultant Pro 2.0

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Our mission is to provide club executives with the latest tools and technologies to increase revenue, while teaching traditional methods of hospitality and guest service that will generate a loyal and valuable clientele to increase profits and protect investments.

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