Additional Services

Back to Basics
Learn about the most cost effective way to get your management and staff back to traditional hospitality and superior guest service to increase your bottom line immediately.
Graphics, Video and Web
With over 15 years experience designing print materials and custom video content for nightclubs and gentleman's clubs, Club Consultant Pro will help your business get the attention it deserves. From custom content management systems to taking advantage of the newest cutting edge technologies, we guarantee that your brand message will be seen and heard.

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Secret Shopper
Disguised as “customers”, we’ll give you the real inside story as to what’s going on in your club with management, staff and dancers while we conduct extensive market research on your competitors.

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Social Media & Website Domination
Want to be #1 on Google? If you want to maximize your capitalization from Internet traffic and draw more guests into your place of business, take advantage of this specialty and niche package to stop leaving money on the table in the technology age!

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Luxury Concierge
Receive a luxury service at a reasonable price by having us do custom bookings for your club’s guests, fro hotel reservations to limo services to pre-selling VIP’s and bottle service. 24/7 answering service included to not miss a single phone call to avoid leaving a single penny on the table.

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Entertainer Enforcer
Custom entertainer legal contracts for your club to reduce your liability and stay aligned with local and federal labor laws.

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Ultimate Club Locator
We'll work with our brokerage team to find you the best location with the type of gentlemen’s club establishment you are looking for, liquor license and zoning requirements, etc.

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Asset Protection
Get the best insurance for your club that will give you the best coverage for the most reasonable price.

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Be a Good Neighbor
We’ll get you involved in the best organizations that help our industry and your club to create a positive image for you politically and socially.

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About Club Consultant Pro 2.0

About Us

Our mission is to provide club executives with the latest tools and technologies to increase revenue, while teaching traditional methods of hospitality and guest service that will generate a loyal and valuable clientele to increase profits and protect investments.

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